Thafalonie Stables

 Can you imagine you horse sitting as a dog? Or let him gave you the biggest smile when you say smile? It al can be true!


We give tricktraining trainings through whole Europe!

We teach you our training methode that is based on playing and respect for your horse! The bond that you create by that is amazing, they enjoy this training and offer you things that is above your imagination! We try to speak their language with respect for each other! Your Energie is theirs. Never force them to do something they don't understand, but explaning how you like to want it, that's the power of our methode! Let them play and they will offer you the things you like to see!

And then the magic will open the door to a magical friendship forever as you can speak with your best friend! You feel they will understand what you want and say to them! And you will notice you will understand the language from your horse!

Experience our training and we will teach you how to make your horse your best playmate and soulmate for life!

For bookings you can contact us by email:

To Book 1 of our clinic's in your country the day costs are 750 euro excl.

With a max of 15 participants with a horse. Audiance is free for the organisation to let in.