Thafalonie Stables

 Dressage is not something how to do something, it is how to feel your horse!



We can teach you not how to ride dressage but to create the feeling that you are 1 with your horse. Find the right balans, find the softnes of your hands to the horse.Then there is the start to really ride with your horse as it is your dance partner.


Would you like to ride without blocking the horse gaits and let him floath through the air! It al comes from the softnes of your riding with no forcing on the horse his body. Understand why he is not reacting on some things, than there is something he wants to explain, for all is a solution, but feel, then the horse will give a answer.


We train through whole Europe in clinics or workshops how to ride by feeling your horse. Each horse has to have the change to be a champion, even he has not an atletic body, it is still possible. Just feel what your horse needs in his training and you will have your champion under you.


For booking our training sessions please contact us for free dates at

Our day prices are 750 euro excl.

The Maximum of participants with a horse are 15 and Audiance is free to decide for the Organisation.